Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers

Allowing children explore and create is only the start ....

Here is a TED presentation of the instigator of this idea - an engineering toy for girls:

Debbie Sterling presents some very honest and real insights.

Cursive Writing and Life Skills

Cursive Writing has its place, though there is the pressure of "Technoculture" that is making it less "necessary". 

What ARE we losing by eliminating "cursive writing"?

Here are some great points about the benefits of cursive writing:
Check out the link: The Case for Cursive - Montessorium

Inaugural Worldwide Homeschool Conference Aug 23-24

August 23 - 24, 2013, is the inaugural worldwide Homeschool Conference.  

This two-day, online, and free event will provide an opportunity to share strategies, practices, and resources for those involved with homeschooling, unschooling, free schools, democratic schools, and other forms of alternative and independent education.

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There is an invitation for all to participate, and where appropriate to become a conference presentervolunteeradvisory and outreach board memberpartner, or sponsor

Is There a Relationship Between Dust Bunnies and Fractal Dimensions?

Fractals seem to be everywhere.
After viewing this, it appears that the study of dust bunnies may have a future:

How Does a Touch Screen Work?

Ever wonder how a touch screen works? 
Here is a great explanation: 


All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

Here is a slightly disturbing presentation by Avi Rubin regarding the vulnerability of many of the devices we use on a daily basis. Makes you rethink about wireless medical implant devices as well as the new cars with all the wireless networks they have as well as their potential problems if hacked.

"Tag ... You're IT" - Wearable Electronic Sensors

See Article by MIT Review:

Electronic Sensors Printed Directly on the Skin

New electronic tattoos could help monitor health during normal daily activities. 

There are some other things to consider regarding this technology. 
The lightweight and unobtrusive aspect of this technology could bring the idea of sensors to new levels. Think about putting a sensor on an insect such as a honey bee or a fish or a bird. 
Yes, it has some interesting applications, but can it have other reactions with the skin or the being it is being attached to?  

What are the social implications of such technology? Will it be used to monitor people in other ways? Maybe it's THE solution to never losing the car keys... or your dog.

for more info: click link